Climb that mountain for Heaven's Sake

climb that mountain - introduction

I wrote this book to inspire people to not give up and to keep the faith and the hope when they have suffered tragedies in life. While I especially want to encourage those who have suffered from brain injuries as I have, it really doesn't matter what the issues are when we are searching for help. This is a story of emotion, trials of life, and hope when there appears to be no hope.

This is about learning lessons of courage within your heart, and clinging to the love for your children, truth, and honesty, and not giving up on who you really are. I am a brain injury survivor, and I stayed true to myself. The brain can spin us out of control, but on the inside, we are all perfect humans with a heart, a soul, and a spirit. These may be buried deep inside, but miracles do happen. We can find ourselves again if we really want to.

One thing I can say after being lost in the darkness for almost 17 years is that when I finally got all of my memory back, it changed my life forever. I traveled to Louisiana, and I found the true me that had been hidden for so many years. I had built walls up around my heart to protect myself from the hurts and the torments that I couldn't understand during those dark years.

But then I slowly began to tear them down after my memory came back, and my heart and soul were filled with inner peace. It was not easy, but with my faith, I did it!

Climb that Mountain for Heaven's Sake

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