Hi! here's a little about me...

I am a brain injury survivor who almost died during a car accident in 1999. However, through faith, determination and hard work, I have regained the fullness of my life - and I even wrote a book (Climb that Mountain for Heaven's Sake) to share my story with you. At the age of 65, most people are getting ready to retire, but I am just beginning to live!

I am an active member of the Amaze Brain Support Group in Lafayette, Louisiana, and have been invited to be a speaker at the upcoming Aspiring Speaker’s Bureau. I have spoken at many conferences about how I got my life back, and have also produced several videos on YouTube where I speak about my healing and return to life.

My life in pics!

After missing out on some of my life due to a tragic car accident I realized that I want to have a record of the good times that life has to offer during my second chance.

In my photo gallery you might find a pic of me on stage speaking to other survivors while I volunteer or you might find me laughing with friends while listening to the birds chirp!

Testimonials for Climb that Mountain for Heaven's Sake

A remarkable story of the miracle of dogged persistence by an extraordinary lady in her battle against her head injury and reclaiming her life.
Dr. K. Corless M.D.

Beautifully written and inspiring. I honestly could not put this book down once I started reading it. Marjorie Coens is a true survivor!
Rachel Dechene

I have had the honor of meeting and spending some time with Marjorie. No matter where you are in your Life, whether you are a brain injury survivor or not, this book is guaranteed to inspire you. From the very first page, you will be drawn in and will experience the emotion from which Majorie has written and shared her story. She is a true inspiration and testament to what is possible!! Do yourself a favor - immerse yourself in this book and soak up all that it has to offer!!
Brandon Alleman

What an awesome read. I myself have always heard about brain injury survivors and have been witness to bad accidents but never really knew the after results and trials that survivors must go through to become normal again. What happens to the injured when the doctors say there is nothing more that they can do. This book brings you down into the dirt (so to speak) of some of the trials and heartaches that a person goes through just trying to get some kind of life back. I recommend this book and give it a five star rating it will open your eyes to what it means to be a brain injury survivor.

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