What's Going on with me?

Sharing my Experience as Inspiration for Others!

There is nothing better then being able to share with people the inspiration that comes from within. Even better than that is when you get support and love when you feel you had none left.

When you get an opportunity to share with other the true meaning of hope, spirit and faith and you get to share that on stage with the Pastor that has helped you through your journey of healing you feel blessed all over again. This weekend at Embassy Church I was again blessed. Pastor Doug brought several of us on stage to talk about our trials and what got us threw it. I was interviewed on stage and he asked me questions about my book to inspire others.

Wow, what an experience! I am so thankful to share with everyone. You can all catch it on my YouTube channel at Marjorie Coens also!


Brain Injury Association of Durham

I met this amazing woman from the Brain Injury Association of Durham the other day! We had a fantastic chat about surviving serious brain injury and I was able to share my story with her.

She even bought my book to learn more about my story - it was an amazing encounter and day for me.


I did it! I wrote my story!

I was asked what it was like once I received a copy of my book, Climb that Mountain for Heaven's Sake.

Finally, after 18 months, all my hard work has paid off. Thinking back to many years ago when I couldn't even write my name and now I am proudly to say I Climbed that Mountain for Heaven's Sake. Learning seemed almost impossible at times, but I just kept pushing myself, I had to do it. Through pain and hardship of relearning the simple things in life was unbelievable. Just keep going and never stop learning, no matter what.

When receiving my first book, tears of joy and thankfulness entered my heart and the movement of my joints were unbelievable.